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Top tasks for September

You should be lifting maincrop potatoes, pulling leeks and picking apples, pears and late-season plums.


Sow green manures, field beans, annual ryegrass and phacelia. They’ll overwinter and can be dug in next spring.


Turn your compost heap regularly to aerate  and stimulate decomposition. Water if dry and cover to keep in the heat.


Pick tomatoes, remove all lower leaves to encourage them to fatten up and ripen.


Cut down asparagus foliage when it starts to turn yellow to just 2.5cm.


Feed and trim celeriac remove any old, damaged leaves from around the stems.


Harvest apples and pears when the moment is right. Early pears can be picked while still firm and then ripened indoors.


Sow or plant in September

Cabbages - plant them out in their final growing position.

Salad Crops - sow winter lettuce and further batches of rocket and land cress, along with a few last minute radishes.

Onions - plant overwintering sets, after preparing the ground well first and adding purpose fertiliser.

Strawberries - put in new plants to establish a bigger crop next year.


If you’re interested in starting an allotment visit


Joe Pole

Issue 394

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