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Kibworth Artist to be commemorated


Local people who remember John Kenney will be pleased to hear that his artistic career is to be marked with a commemorative plaque provided by Leicestershire County Council.


John is one of six Leicestershire people whose contributions to our heritage will be recognised in this way in the latest round of the project. They were selected from twelve candidates after an online and postal vote.


Born in 1911, John Kenney was the artist who created the image and personality of Thomas the Tank Engine and the other engines in Reverend W. Awdry’s famous series as we recognise them today. He was also a fine artist, painting rural and country scenes using the local hunts as his subjects.


He worked for the Kibworth-based design company, Slaters, in Smeeton Road, and lived his retirement years in Smeeton Westerby with his wife, Peggy.


The Kibworth Chronicle will bring you full details of the unveiling of the plaque which it is hoped will be a true and enjoyable community event.



Issue 394

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