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Rebecca Jane Berrington

Beki lived and worked in Kibworth for most of her life and made many friends. For some time Beki and her mother Jane owned ‘Mixtures’ the clothes and accessories shop in Kibworth.


In November 2014, Beki was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer. She received radiotherapy and chemotherapy and with sheer determination she battled through. Beki also attended a private clinic in Harley Street and was prescribed medication in the hope that it would help shrink her brain tumours.


In August 2015, Beki married Richard. It was a truly beautiful and memorable day! Their honeymoon was postponed until she finished the chemotherapy. A few months later, after a scan and against all the odds, the tumours had shrunk and Beki started to get her life back. She went on honeymoon, skiing and also took her children to Spain.


Suddenly, Beki started to feel unwell. An MRI scan revealed that the cancer had returned. She had to have chemotherapy again and was to lose all her hair. Beki did a sponsored head shave and raised over £2,000 for the Macmillan Charity. As a family we looked at alternative treatment in case the chemotherapy didn’t work but the costs were very high ranging from £20,000 to £100,000.


A good friend of the family, Gill Mauchlen, started fundraising by setting up a coffee morning at the cricket club. Everyone helped by baking cakes and buying raffle tickets. Beki set up a ‘Just Giving’ page and received massive support.


Things got worse and Beki had to stop the chemotherapy. By April 2017 the cancer had spread to her spine. She was struggling with her eyesight and lost the use of her legs. Despite all this she battled on like the true fighter she was.


Beki returned to LOROS when the pain became too much and she needed 24 hour care. LOROS is the most beautiful, relaxing and caring place which helped us all to be strong and take care of her. Right up to the time when she could not talk very much, family and friends visited every day to support her and ourselves. On Sunday 28 May, Beki passed away peacefully in LOROS surrounded by her family.

One of Beki’s wishes was that I wrote to you all and said a massive ‘Thank You’ for all your kindness and care throughout her cruel and awful illness. Family, friends and neighbours gave Beki so much love and support and words simply cannot express how proud and privileged we feel to live in such a wonderful community. A staggering £14,000 was raised and all the money donated has been given to LOROS and Macmillan. At the Celebration of her Life, another £1,600 was donated and that was also given to LOROS.


Thank you all for the kind cards and presents. They are now in a ‘memory box’ for us to look at whenever we want a moment to share with our beautiful Beki.


So our hearts go out to you all. Many, many thanks. Jane and Leigh Holmes, Richard Berrington, Ben, Ross, Ffion and Django (her four legged friend).             




Issue 394

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