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 A Clerk's Tale 5


Summer this, summer that and summer the other.


One of the earliest performances of Shakespeare’s Richard III outside London was here in Kibworth, in a makeshift theatre at the corner of Main Street not far from what was then the Admiral Nelson, on 1 October 1790. No doubt the audience, mostly staying at the inns nearby, enjoyed the way Shakespeare played with words: the ‘winter’ of discontent made glorious ‘summer’ by this ‘son’ of York.


The sun certainly shines on theatre in Kibworth today, with two thriving theatre companies and a tremendous venue in our Kibworth Grammar School Hall (KGSH). Many villages (and towns) would give a king’s ransom to have such a facility.

KGSH was the venue for this year’s summer Kibfest which presented an amazing variety of musical styles across two days in August, including James Condon, Daniel Giardiello, Albion, the Kibworth Ladies’ Choir and a Sunday evening Ceilidh. A motley crew, one might think, as diverse as the travelling players who gave their all for Richard III over 220 years ago.


Most of these artists have played bigger, busier, or more well-known venues, or have loyalties elsewhere. The Kibworth Ladies’ Choir has performed live with Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2, Daniel Giardiello is more at home at the Rutland and Derby in Leicester’s Millstone Lane, and Albion plays clubs in Leicester and Market Harborough but is always supportive of local charities such as GEMS and the Kibworth Charitable Trust. They come to Kibworth because they like us, and because they believe in what Kibfest stands for.


Kibfest is one of many reasons why summer is glorious here in Kibworth. Our Community Library is another, providing nearly 100 children with an Animal Agents Summer Reading Challenge including a treasure hunt through the village; and our primary school headteacher, David Briggs, must also take a bow for his ‘Mr Brigg’s Brain Boosting Challenge’!


Kibworth Beauchamp Parish has much reason to celebrate these summer activities. We provided the very first grant to enable the Kibworth Charitable Trust to be set up. We have taken out the lease on the library for the next nine years, and we own Kibworth Grammar School Hall.

If you’ve been away from Kibworth during the summer - welcome back. You now know what you’ve missed!



Stephen Butt, Parish Clerk


Issue 394

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