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Dear Editor - Duggie’s Ramblings

I cannot believe that I am alone in sitting stationary, irritated, with the engine running, regardless of whether I am in a hurry or not, at the Warwick Rd traffic lights. A few miles distant are the villages of Fleckney and Wistow where a priority to oncoming vehicles sign is in place - a common sense response to traffic and less costly - considering local councils are regularly announcing economies to their budgets. Are the traffic lights the result of a traffic flow study by gap year students? Or, being a train bridge, some obscure paragraph subsection in a 19th century Railway Act relating to movement over a train bridge. Is there a rational explanation?


Many people living in Kibworth Harcourt/Beauchamp and beyond, will pass what has become an eyesore on the A6-the former Indian restaurant with the caged in open area on the corner of Main St. The sign - clearly visible states ‘Under Offer’. It appears to be a prime site for development. Of course experience tells us that ‘developers/speculators’ can sit on property and land until the value reaches a figure that brings in a healthy profit. Is that the case with this site? Alternatively, is the ‘offeror’ undecided, i.e. hasn’t the faintest idea what is the best use to be made of the property.


A request has been made - source wishes to remain anonymous (but known all her life to me) - that the retired (from employment) members of our community do their shopping Monday to Friday. Adults working Monday to Friday - particularly those with children - find it difficult to do the week’s shopping other than at the weekend. So, bearing in mind retirement has been postponed until the age of 70 - at the earliest, oh dear (gone is the opportunity of early retirement at 55), a plea to Senior Citizens, you are henceforth to shop Monday to Friday. Ha Ha!


Many people are surely by now weary of hearing the term ‘Brexit’. Take heart, there is an alternative - Brexodus!. There is, unsurprisingly, a parallel to the original Exodus under the leadership of Moses (May or may not). Many wanted to remain, others to return once negotiations had started! Hopefully this one will not last 40 years!


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 Issue 394

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