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 From Little Acorns grow...


Hunny Bee Nursery said goodbye to all of their preschool leavers. The children, moving onto their new adventure of school, were an asset to the preschool room and were a pleasure to care for and teach, many since babyhood.


Ofsted recently identified how exemplary the childrens behaviour was and how eager they were to learn. This is not only a credit to the parents but also the children who played a part in the nursery being awarded ‘Outstanding.


The management team would like to give a big thank you to the dedication and commitment that the team has put into making the last year so enjoyable and are looking forward to the future. Their philosophy was to ‘lay the foundations for future learning’ and their aim was to embed school readiness within our Preschool. This was achieved and recognised at the graduation ceremony for the children and their families. Good luck at school class of 2017, you did it!



Issue 394

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