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Who remembers the Midland Red?

Well even if you do, you might not be aware of anniversaries relating to the Midland Red bus company in Leicester in 2017. It is:


          95 years since the company’s first garage was opened, at Frog Island.

          90 years since the company’s Southgate Street garage was opened.

          80 years since the company’s Sandacre Street garage was opened.

          60 years since the company’s Wigston garage was opened.


In addition, it is 20 years since Midland Fox, the successor company to Midland Red in Leicestershire, was taken over by Arriva. Arriva supplies buses for the principal service to and from Kibworth from the garage at Wigston.


Local historian Andrew Bartlett has teamed up with the Director of Research at the Leicester Transport Heritage Trust, Mike Greenwood, to produce a book to commemorate these events. ‘Midland Red in Leicester’ contains over 100 photographs and illustrations, many of which have never been published before. You’ll be amazed to discover how many of the villages served by the Chronicle had their first Midland Red bus route in the 1920s!


The book costs £8.95, and can be obtained from The Bookshop Kibworth.


Issue 394

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