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Diary of a beekeeper…



At this time of year, things are beginning to quieten down around the beehives. The bees are still very active, gathering as much harvest as possible to take them through the winter. There have been periods at this time of year when the bees struggle to find enough pollen and nectar, although the ivy is starting to flower, and one of the bees’ favourite plants, sedum, is coming in to its full glory of rich reds and burgundy - in the sunshine you will always see honeybees feeding on these flowers.


Wasps can be a real nuisance at this time of the year, they try to get in to other  hives and rob the bees of their honey stores. If the colony is weak, wasps can decimate a hive in a very short time. The bees will station guard bees at the hive entrance in order to ward off attacks. Some beekeepers, including myself, hang pretend wasp nests close to the hives, in the hope that wasps will see these and go away, thinking it is already the territory of other wasps!


It is this time of year when the beekeeper feeds the bees with a product to protect against disease, which is sadly always a threat. My colonies I am happy to say, seem very strong this year, and have done a great job in pollinating the flowers I use for my floristry business, Flora Button.

My personal highlight this month has been an opportunity to talk about beekeeping and floristry on a local radio, Cross Counties, which I hope will raise awareness about our need to nurture and protect our precious honeybees!


Ann Collick
ssue 395

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