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Philip Gough’s Citroen C1 Racing Project

The endurance car project is progressing well, in fact the car is built and is racing at this year’s Spa 24hr race in Belgium 21-22 October!


The team will consist of Warren McKinlay an ex forces driver with Team Brit endurance team, he has experience of Spa. Brothers Charlie and Daniel Budd, both racers of classic minis - Charlie is 2017 Mini Seven Champion, and finally a Mr Darren Cox. Darren was formerly in charge of Nissan UKs Motorsport activities namely the Nissan GT Academy in conjunction with Sony, he is currently helping Mclaren find their new simulator based development driver with his own business IDEAS+CARS.

Its a very last minute thing and Im really happy with the driver line up weve been able to put together at such short notice. I just want the car to finish, thats the goal for this event. 24 hours is a very long time for the little engine to be running flat out says Philip Gough, who will also be sharing the driving at one of the greatest circuits of all time especially at 4.3 miles in length.

If you would like to get involved and even race the car next year we are looking for drivers to join the team, even a complete novice. Check out or email



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