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Taking a good photograph

for the Kibworth Chronicle

Nearly all of the photographs we publish in the Chronicle have been submitted by our readers. We would love to print more but sometimes the quality of the images we receive do not meet the stringent criteria laid down by our printers. So, regrettably they have to be left out. We thought we would give you some guidelines to try to help you when taking photographs to submit to us.


Content and Composition

Look at the whole frame, take time to remove distractions (objects or people) from the background. Ask people to face you where possible as this makes a much more interesting photograph. Consider the main lighting of a photograph; for an iPhone its still important to get the light on the subject from behind the photographer. Hold the camera firmly and the right way around. For tall items (e.g. a tree or tower) or for one or two people, portrait is often best, but for groups or other buildings, places etc, hold the camera landscape


If your camera allows it, and you know how to change it, take photos at as near to 300dpi that you can manage. Phone cameras are often 72dpi, which highlights the limitation of what we can then do to maintain the quality of that photo in print.


Sending a good photo

Try and send the image as big as possible, regardless of file size. Please dont crop or apply any adjustments prior to sending. If the image is of people, please provide the full names (and titles if relevant), working from left to right. Similarly, if the photograph is of places, make sure you tell us where and when it was taken.


If we have the space, we will always try to include your photograph but sometimes we have no choice but to print a smaller image in order to retain the definition or, on rare occasions, exclude it all together.                                                         


James Bull, Chronicle Photographer

Issue 395

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