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Looking Back

How lovely to have had a chat with Sue Bacchus who, during our conversation, mentioned her grandad, Alf Smith. Alf is pictured 7th from left on the front row of the photograph of Johnson & Barnes’ Cricket Team in last month’s Chronicle.


Sue is the proud owner of his Long Service Certificate, which he received for his 50 years service at Johnson & Barnes’ hosiery factory. The words on his Certificate say, “1901-1951 in recognition of faithful service during 50 years and as a mark of appreciation and goodwill”.


Postcard from the Past

Many thanks to David Edwards from Wistow for letting us borrow this lovely postcard of ‘The Bank’, Kibworth Beauchamp.


On the back of the postcard is a halfpenny stamp and the postmark date is 7 August, 1917. The date on the postcard is very significant as it was posted 100 years ago during the First World War. The postcard was written by Lily, then staying with Mrs Jacobs at Smeeton Westerby. Lily writes to her friend, May, and says, “We are having a good time here, hope you are enjoying yourself. Pleased to say the weather is very nice.” Lily forwarded the postcard to Miss M. Brewin, Conservative Club, Quorn.


Isobel Cullum

 Issue 395

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