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During the week beginning 25 September the whole school held ASHA week, which was a charity awareness week to raise funds for children in the slums of India. Many of our staff have already been to India to work with the ASHA charity and are in fact going back during half-term, to share our donations and to experience first-hand daily life there.



We spent the week learning about India: cooking and eating delicious Indian food, learning Indian dances, making Indian clay pots and participating in many other experiences to help us compare life here in Kibworth to life in India.


As well as all the learning in class, there were Bring and Buy sales, Cake Sales, a raffle with some fabulous prizes and a sponsored Fun Run.

On the 28 September, we also held a charity fun run to raise money for ASHA. Children and staff members ran through the designated course around the school grounds throughout the day. Collectively we managed to run 4,140 laps and cover a distance of 1,164 miles which is a quarter of the distance from Kibworth to New Delhi (4268miles)! Ex Leicester City player Steve Walsh came to join in the fun and open the run for us. The day ended with a fund raising Staff v Parents football match.



Everyone learnt from their experiences during ASHA week - to appreciate what we have, what some people donít have and how we can share with others.


Many thanks to all children, staff and families who were involved in some way over the week.





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