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MP and County Council start campaign to upgrade the A6

Local MP Neil O’Brien and Leicestershire County Council are preparing a bid to get the A6 south of Leicester recognised as a ‘major’ trunk road by central government, as the first step towards securing funds for substantial upgrades to the road.


The government will consult shortly on the creation of a new ‘Major Routes Network’ - a system of trunk roads which will then become eligible for central government funding, including the new Bypass Fund.


The A6 was previously a trunk road, funded by central government, but in 2004 it was ‘de-trunked’, meaning it was no longer eligible for central government funding. Previous plans for a Kibworth bypass were dropped, along with many other road schemes.


Mr O’Brien and county officials have met with a number of government ministers and officials to promote the idea, including Transport Secretary Chris Grayling and roads minister Jesse Norman. A government consultation on which roads should be eligible to be included is expected to be launched before the end of the year.

Mr O’Brien said: “The A6 is a crucial road but it’s often badly congested, particularly around Kibworth. To get any of the major improvements which residents want to see, we need to be able to access money from central government. The creation of the Major Routes Network is a chance to put the A6 back on the map. I’m lobbying ministers to make the A6 back into a trunk road as the first step towards fixing the A6.


Cllr Blake Pain, the lead councillor for Highways on Leicestershire County Council, said: “The A6 is a vital road and should never have been de-trunked in the first place. We now need to get it put back on the map so we can have a chance to access the funds we need to upgrade it. Leicestershire will be putting forward a strong case to central government.


Cllr Kevin Feltham, county councillor for Gartree ward, said: “An A6 bypass for the Kibworths is long overdue. We need central government money, as was earmarked for a bypass in the 1990s which was then cancelled.


This is a Press Release issued by the office of Neil O’Brien, MP.



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