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Build a Bypass Campaign


Following her letter to Neil O’Brien MP, Sarah Miles met with a few of the residents living along the A6 to discuss a way forward. She has provided this update.


From the initial meeting they formulated an official Build A Bypass (BAB) Campaign Team which includes; Ian Simpson, Chair, Peter Scott, Secretary, Liz Scott, Treasurer and Sarah Miles, Media, Marketing, Press & PR.


Eight further members of the community have since joined the group which will meet again on 28 November, 7.30pm at the Coach and Horses. Anyone is welcome to join us, please contact me on or request to join on the BuildABypass Facebook page.


We are planning to run protests, campaigns and other activities so we need volunteers to execute these properly. Its a chance to enhance and protect the villages of Kibworth.



Sign and share the Petition - At the last count signatures stood at just over 300. Whilst this is extremely positive we still hope to gain more support. Dont forget that there are paper versions of the petition in the Post Office, Surgeries, Book Shop and Co-op and people can also sign the petition online at, which can be accessed via our Facebook page.

I’ve had direct contact with Neil OBrien MP, who spoke of his strategy to get the A6 re-classified as a trunk road which, if successful, could give potential access to central government funding. He is working closely with Leicestershire County Council to progress this and official talks/process will commence in December.


With this is mind, wed really like to see a good amount of signatures on the petition so that we can add weight to those discussions.

Radio Interview - On Monday 6 November BBC Radio Leicester covered the story by interviewing some residents, which was followed by a response from Neil OBrien. Whilst we are encouraged with our MPs support we know that we still have a long way to go. We look forward to working closely with Neil OBrien throughout the Campaign, and hope that we can garner further support from Kibworth Harcourt Parish Council. The interview with Jo Hayward is really worth listening to and can be found now at at around 2hrs:24min into the programme.


Wed like to personally thank everyone who has shown such genuine support and encouragement. So many people have come forward with their own personal horror stories and many have already volunteered their time and services. Wed also like to thank Harborough FM and the Kibworth & District Chronicle who have been really proactive and supportive in following up on developments and updates.


Sarah Miles

Issue 396


Click here for Neil O’Brien’s response to Sarah’s letter



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