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Eats, Shoots and Leaves

(Veg, plants and shrubs)

Whilst the autumn weather has brought a chill to the air, it remains fairly mild for this time of the year. For many of us that means we are continuing to enjoy some of our bedding plants, which will remain in flower until the first frost. However, if you intend to replace these with wallflowers, Bellis or bulbs then you need to grasp the nettle (or perhaps petunia is more apt), pull them out and put them in the green bin or on the compost heap.


Although not too late, time is running out to get planting for a stunning spring display (seems a long way off now, but it will soon be here). There is still enough residual heat in the ground to help those wallflowers, sweet williams and bellis get off to a good start but the days are getting short so youíll need to hurry.


However, November is the ideal month for planting tulip bulbs. Put them deeper in the ground than daffodil bulbs in order to anchor them firmly once they start growing tall. They look splendid planted to rise above wallflowers or pack them into patio pots and tubs and enjoy the view from your window.


Jobs for November

  • Sow sweet peas indoors for early blooms next year.

  • Cut back herbaceous perennials that have finished flowering and are looking untidy.

  • To avoid wind rock reduce the height by half of shrubs you plan to hard prune in spring, e.g. Buddleja, roses, etc.

  •  Finishing harvesting apples as they ripen, lift and twist them gently on the branch and they should come away easily if ready. Pears will ripen indoors.

  • Plant out spring cabbages if you havenít already.

  • Net ponds to avoid autumn leaves falling in and fouling the water.                           



Issue 396


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