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Philip Gough Racing


Well we did it! We finished the 2CV 24 hr race at Spa in Belgium, a race with over 110 cars on the grid made up of Citroen 2CVs and C1s.


It was an incredible experience from start to finish, the car hadnt been driven until it rolled off the trailer in Belgium and we were able to run in the top 10 through practice and first qualifying. For a team completely new and thrown together at the last minute it was an amazing start. We didn’t qualify so well though in the end - I don’t actually know where we started, somewhere around the middle of the huge grid! says Philip from Kibworth.


Gough started the race on Saturday 21 October at 15.30 and in the first stint of 3 hours he made up around 15 places. As the sun went down and the other drivers took their turns in the car they all climbed further up the leader board. At around 4am the car suffered damage on the way back to the pits for Gough to take over again.


Once we got the car back out on track it was apparent the damage was worse than suspected and a bent rear axle was most likely... said Phil,


 “ was evil! The car darted left at any opportunity, it was good turning right but left handers were border-line dangerous. Then it started to rain heavily and the car was amazing in the wet!


I started passing cars everywhere despite its bizarre handling; turning left the car would immediately flick sideways and would slide all the way through corners such as Blanchimont at 90mph!”, he continued.


It stayed wet until the final 30 mins of the race on the Sunday afternoon where a splash and dash fuel stop was needed to guarantee getting to the end, all the drivers adjusted superbly to drive the car in very difficult circumstances, one accident, two brake pad changes and a huge amount of fun!


The aim was to finish the race, all team members were new to this type of event and the car finally came home in 37th place out of 108 finishers completing over 1600 miles - a huge success for the little car.


We are already looking towards 2018 where races are planned at Croft, Snetterton and the team’s local circuit, Rockingham. To find out how you can get involved visit, we are interested to hear from potential drivers and local sponsors.



Philip Gough

Issue 396


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