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Steve Thomas-Emberson

On 29 May, Steve suddenly and sadly passed away. He lived half his life in Kibworth and became known for his love of art, books and his very varied and bold attire!


He supported the primary and high schools and keenly followed cricket both internationally and locally in Kibworth, though his take on exercise was always if I feel the need to exercise, I have a lie down and wait for the feeling to go away!.


He was a great dad to both Lydia, (inspiring her to follow a degree in History of Art) and Matthew who undoubtedly loves all things on two and four wheels as a result of Steves encouragement and enthusiasm.


Celia, Lydia and Matthew would like to thank all who have paid tribute to him with profound words, generous donations to Diabetes UK and special deeds with one very special mention, that of being asked to contribute to this years Kibworth Charitable Trust Christmas Card. Thank you to everyone.


(Steve was an occasional columnist for the Chronicle. Readers enjoyed his insightful writings.)




Celia Thomas-Emberson

Issue 396

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