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Kibworth Art Lovers Society

Helen Neave is a successful artist in water colour and a full time teacher to many different groups of artists. Because she had demonstrated to us so well some fifteen years ago we invited her back to paint Wildlife in a Winter Landscape.


She adapted her technique to enable her to paint on a vertical surface instead of a flat one, normal for watercolour and explained her method of creating interesting contours in the snow step by step, standing aside to let her audience see. As a way of doing a demonstration it was as good as we have seen and she finished up with a lovely picture of a fox in a sunlit wood in Winter.


Nanette Whiteway’s paintings will be on show in the Building Society during January and Jane French, a member of the Leicester Society of Artists, will paint a portrait in oil at our next meeting at 7.30 on 30 January in the St Wlifrid’s Church Hall.



Roger Whiteway
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