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Dear Editor

A Proposed Bypass.

I am certainly not in favour of one if it means thousands of houses will be built in Kibworth in order to have it built, and I think I am not in a minority in my opinion. Those in favour and the Chronicle seem to assume all the residents of Kibworth support this campaign, but I, and others I have spoken to, do not.


Merton College own the land where the only viable route can go, and they are only interested in making millions from the land, and not in the quality of village life in Kibworth. If a bypass is approved they will certainly sell the land between that and the village for huge development or it may even be tied into the building of the bypass with the developers funding the road. This is what Merton college tried to do recently. I, and others, think Kibworth has had more than its fair share of housing development in the last few years. Kibworth is fast losing its village quality and thousands more houses will be detrimental to the village and most residents.


In fact a bypass will make traffic through the village worse not better.


I am in favour of better traffic control along the A6, especially at peak times, which could be temporary peak time traffic lights at key junctions. As for the issue of pollution, modern vehicles are far less polluting and with technical advances this will reduce further over time.

As for the residents who live on the A6, I can see why they are in favour, but the main road was there when you bought your property, and it may be better for you, but it will not be for Kibworth as a whole.

 Chris Bown, Kibworth Resident


A6, be careful what you wish for.

While sympathising with the people who live along the A6 and their problems I would like to put an alternative view. Will the villages be enhanced and protected with the addition of 1,500 new houses? This will be the price for a new bypass.


The government has stated many times it will not fully fund a new road. Merton College (the landowners) will fund most of the new road and will pay for infilling between the new bypass and present A6.


There are alternatives. 1. Reopen the railway station, 2. More car sharing and 3. More public transport.

I have lived in Kibworth all my life and value open countryside where I can walk for miles unhindered. Once these fields are lost they cannot be replaced. As in many cases sometimes the cure can turn out to be much worse than the disease. Be careful what you wish for.                        Mr B Hubbard, New Road, Kibworth


More Houses, Fewer Greenfields

A couple of Saturdays ago, I got on the old pushbike to go on my regular visit to Leicester. Leaving Tur Langton and going to the Market Harborough Building Society in Kibworth, I waited at the Coach and Horses junction on the A6, while a never ending stream of (90% single occupant) cars followed each other like sheep, nose to tail through the village. ‘Hang back from each other, leave gaps’, I thought, ‘you’ll be coming out of that side street next time’.


Going out of the village on the Fleckney Road and turning right onto Warwick Road, approaching the railway bridge traffic lights, I noticed that a field has been fenced off on the right. Common sense had prevailed I hoped, they’re going to build a station to get some of the traffic off the A6. But no, alas, more houses for Kibworth. To go with the never ending Kibworth Meadows development on the roundabout.

After leaving the Great Glen race track (bypass), I took the old A6 through the village, past The Yews and round a couple of bends and, hey presto, new houses both sides of the road. Onwards past Glen Gorse Golf Club and the field immediately after, on the left, is about to be concreted over by new housing. My childhood playground from 1969 to 1975, with the Old Haunted House and milking sheds, where as little children from Brooks Hill Infants School, under the care of the best teacher ever, Mrs Bray, we would release tadpoles, collect chestnuts for conkering and learn about nature - about to be lost forever.


Cycling around Leicester, I took the back streets behind Corah’s factory on Burleys Way and noticed all the derelict land and the on to Frog Island, again acres and acres of waste land. Why can’t we build on these brownfield sites and not eat up yet more green fields? Politicians and councillors seem to think we’re not building enough houses.


Can I be the first person in the country to say ‘we don’t need any more houses’! Let’s renovate and make habitable the thousands of derelict/rundown properties in this country and if we have to build, it should not be on greenfield sites.


Why has everything got to be about growth in this day and age; population, economy, people’s greed. 70 million people in Britain by 2030. Let’s reduce the population by financial incentives/tax breaks. A radical change is what’s required, so lets start reducing in life. The more we take from this planet, the unhappier we are becoming.

W Miller, Tur Langton Independence Party


Issue 397

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