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A student at The Kibworth School has broken the World record for the greatest number of netball nets scored in one hour. Lydia Redman, a year 10 student netted a total of 756 nets on the evening of 23 October, smashing the previous record which stood at 250. In doing so she also surpassed the team world record of 711. The record was achieved at the schools netball pitch and was officiated by two registered netball coaches Mrs Stanton and Mrs Rees who are teachers at the school and Val Kindred, the Netball Development Officer for Leicestershire and Rutland, who provided coaching.


Lydia has been planning this since a similar event 18 months ago, which she organised with her PE teacher Mrs Stanton to raise money for Lydia’s chosen charity, Cancer Research. For the last two years she has put many hours of practice in for this record attempt, spending break times in the sports hall, and weekends in her garden.


Mrs Merry, the headteacher at Kibworth School said,We are all extremely proud of Lydia, I am focused on our students achieving World Class status in what they do and this a fine example of that which she achieved through immense determination, resilience and grit during her record attempt.


Lydia is very proud to have broken the record, and said that it was only made possible by the considerable support from her school and family





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