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The Signs are Looking Good

The road signs that is. We had been getting a little concerned about the condition of the road signs in and around the village, and indeed across the Harborough District. The grime had become so thick that their reflective surfaces were completely blanked out.


Clearly (excuse the pun), our concerns were shared by the powers that be. They have approved a local business, ‘Glass Plus’, which volunteered to travel around the area giving the signs a good scrub, and now they look perfect!


What a splendid gesture from the new business, and what a prime example of our local businesses supporting the community in which they are based. Without wanting to detract from this excellent work, we are just a little puzzled as to why this fundamental piece of work, which is so important for the safety of road and pedestrian traffic, wasn’t being done anyway. Cost cutting we presume?




Issue 397

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