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Kibworth Skate Park Campaign

Twenty seven years after the original skate park was built, children and young people in Kibworth find themselves again having to campaign for a new one. The old skate park has recently been demolished due to safety concerns and repeated vandalism. Although the local parish council has managed to secure some funds for a new skate park, there are concerns over locating it on the same site due to the antisocial behaviour that can sometimes occur there.


Young skateboarders and scooter riders are very disappointed that Kibworth no longer has this facility. “They’re building lots of new houses so everything is busier, but we have lost our skate park,” said one young user, age 8. He added, “The vandals keep damaging the little children’s play area, but no one is talking about taking that away.”


The Harborough Mail published a photo of the original campaigners 27 years ago and now the sons of one of those original boys is campaigning for the new skate park.


On Friday users of the skate park in Kibworth came together to launch a petition. This aims to show that there is a demand for a skate park in the area. “Skateboarding is now an Olympic sport,” said one of the mums. “It’s a great way for young people to keep fit and it keeps them off the streets and away from their screens.” One of the teenage boys said “I’ll have to ride my skateboard round the streets now and everyone tells me off for that because it’s too noisy. I used to get the bus to Fleckney skate park which is much better, but that service has been stopped.”


To show your support for a skate park in Kibworth please sign the petition, which is located at There is also a Facebook page - Kibworth Skatepark Appeal - where there is information about how you can get involved and gives updates of how the campaign is progressing.



Joanne Hirst 

Issue 397

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