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Obituary - Elizabeth Anne Baird


Elizabeth Anne Baird passed away on 2nd January 2018 at The Grange, Saddington.


Anne, as she was known to everyone, along with her late husband, Noel, used to deliver the Chronicle to all the villages as shown on the front cover except Wistow and Kilby.  They would turn up on the Thursday afternoon at Mike Millward’s garage (Mike had already counted out the bundles for each village and they would load up their car and drive approximately 90 miles or so each month visiting places as far apart as Gaulby and Welham and Laughton.  On a fine summery evening this would only take perhaps four hours and they could enjoy our beautiful countryside as they traversed the country lanes.  However during one very inclement evening Noel and Anne set off through driving snow - not dissimilar to the weather we recently experienced - and it took over six hours before they returned to their Kibworth home. 


Thank you Noel and Anne -your dedication will always be appreciated.




   Stephen Poyzer

Issue 398
January 2018

If you received your Chronicle late last month - spare a thought for your volunteer deliverers.


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