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Church Langton School

Last year saw children at Church Langton Primary School creating a stunning ceramic mural for their school. Following a visit to the David Hockney exhibition in London, pupils in Key Stage Two made colour drawings of the landscape around their village, inspired by Hockneys unique style.


Their favourite drawing was then transferred on to clay tablets with the expert help of teachers Chris Parry and Caroline Pemberton. The tablets were decorated, glazed and fired in the schools own kiln and were then framed and hung in one of the entrances to the school.



The project was initiated by The Arts Society Harborough (formerly National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts) who provided funding of 1,100. The aim of the Societys Young Arts section is to inspire young people with a lasting enthusiasm for the arts and they have previously funded art projects in other schools in the Harborough area.



Pauline Anstead

Young Arts representative

Issue 398
January 2018

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