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New Vascular Clinic at Harborough Hospital

The launch of a new vascular clinic in Leicestershire marks the beginnings of a three-year plan to support patients with vascular conditions.

The new Vascular Service, which was set up last month at St Lukes Hospital in Market Harborough, Leicestershire provides appointments for patients who require a specialist consultation about varicose veins, narrowing arteries, lower leg cramps, poor blood circulation and other vascular conditions that may require further consultation and surgery.


This means patients no longer need to travel to an acute hospital to receive an outpatient consultation for these types of conditions, which previously would have been the case. This is the first of a range of community-based services closer to home to support patients who have vascular conditions.


The service is managed by LLR Alliance, a unique partnership of health organisations in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. The  Alliance is designed to offer patients more choice about when and where they receive day-case and outpatient treatment and is helping to drive forward local plans to deliver more care in the community, rather than in the large city hospital sites.


Helen Mather, Director of Alliance Partnership Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, said: Patients needing support from this service can be quite poorly and find travelling uncomfortable, so to make their distance of travel shorter contributes to a better patient experience all round.


Clinics are being held on the first and third Tuesday afternoon of every month at St Lukes Hospital. Referrals can be made by a GP or practice nurse. To find out more about the LLR Alliance, visit





Issue 398
January 2018

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