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Rights of Way - Restoring the Records

From January this year there are just 8 years left to apply for your old paths in England and Wales to be recorded.


Unrecorded paths, subject to some minor exceptions, will be extinguished on  1 January 2026 at the stroke of midnight. New Yearís Day 2026 will be the last day such unrecorded paths can be used by right.


Help stop the extinguishment! Find out if the routes you walk ride or cycle are shown on your councilís definitive map. If in doubt ask the council! For any unrecorded routes, make an application to have the route added to the map.


People seem generally unaware of this mass extinguishment of paths - so please share this with your friends! For more information visit The Record.


Tom Scoggins

Issue 398
January 2018

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