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Pregnant Sheep Attacked


A herd of pregnant Jacob sheep belonging to a local farm have been attacked by humans twice in two days. Alarmingly, these cowardly attacks took place while the pregnant sheep with confined within an open barn.


Preceding this, the farm had suffered persistent vandalism on its properties in fields alongside Fleckney Road. This included the complete demolition of a small caravan used by the farmers whilst attending overnight lambing, the fabric of the barn and the destruction of hay bales stored to feed the stock.



More recently the farmers, Mr de Jager and Mr Dixon, discovered lumps of concrete, tarmac, bricks and even a pitchfork in amongst the penned-in sheep. They became aware of several sheep with injuries, and cuts to their bodies. Clearly, these injuries were the result of being attacked by these dangerous missiles.


On the 3 December while walking towards the barn one of the farmers noticed a group of youths (boys and girls) near the barn who, on seeing the farmer, ran off. Giving chase one of the them, a girl, was photographed and later identified via social media.


The police, who had already been informed of the vandalism and sheep attacks, were contacted again and the culprit taken in for questioning. It is hoped that with the help of the community, all the youths can be traced and punished so that these appalling attacks are stopped.


As a result of this barbaric and cowardly attack several sheep were seriously injured and at least one sheep had aborted its lamb. There have also been separate reports of pet dogs attacking sheep, which at this time of year, coming up to the lambing season, is particularly damaging. It may be that some dogs are considered to be playful in their intent but sheep and other livestock do not understand and can become very stressed and even die.


If you have any information about these attacks, please contact the local police and help stop this destructive behaviour, support our farmers and restore pride to your community.



Issue 398
January 2018

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