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Howís that New Yearís resolution going? You know, the one about getting healthy, trying new things, meeting new people...

Well if itís not going as well as you hoped, help is at hand!


Kibworth Allotment Society have a very small amount of allotments still available. Allotments are very sought after - one London Borough has a 40 year waiting list!


Did you know that just 30 minutes of allotment gardening can burn 150 calories? Thatís two chocolate digestives to me and you. That means you can ditch that expensive gym membership. And keep buying the biscuits.


You could also save up to £950 a year on fresh produce and grow enough fruit and veg to supplement your familyís weekly shop all year round. The kids will grow to love Brussels sprouts when you have 14 carrier bags of them.


15 minutes of sunshine (which is essentially the British summer) can build up your vitamin D stores and raise serotonin levels leaving you healthier and happier.


They are a great way to meet new people. The allotment community is a friendly one that exchanges grown goods and advice. They are also a great way of involving your children and getting them interested in gardening. Or you can just use the allotment to spend time on your own, choosing to enjoy some peace and quiet away from the kids or your other half (when you see people on their own at the allotment, smiling, thatís probably why).


On top of that, they are great for our wildlife.


Now is the perfect time to acquire a plot. Although there is not a lot to be done on the plot at this time of the year, it gives you a great head start in planning what delicious goodies you can grow.


For information on how to become part of your local allotment community, contact


Charlene Anderson

Issue 399
February 2018

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