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Women Versus Cancer

London to Paris Bike Ride 2018

Three years ago we decided to try to get fit and signed up to do a mini triathlon at Harborough Leisure Centre. I (Katy) was not a great swimmer and Liz kindly took me for a training session at a local pool. The training was tough, and Liz was robust in her approach!


I tried very hard but was taken ill in the pool with a headache. I went to hospital where they diagnosed a benign brain tumour so I couldn’t do the triathlon that time. Liz carried on however (cheered on by friends and family - including me) but the day after successfully completing the challenge she went to get a breast lump assessed and was diagnosed with breast cancer.


Both of us have now completed our treatment (scars have healed, hair has grown back) and we have gone on to complete a subsequent triathlon. Great stuff!

Now, with a huge amount of gratitude for everyone’s kindness and, as NHS workers ourselves, a wish to give something back to cancer care we are up for a new challenge. We would love your support!


We are travelling from 20 to 23 September this year. We are cycling 90 miles the first day, 90 miles the second day and only 60 on the final day. We will be paying our own costs but we also have a fundraising target set by the charity, which is £800 each.


To help us achieve this target our first event will be a sale of preloved clothing, bags and accessories, to be held on Thursday 15 March (see page 2). If you would like to donate your lovely items to this worthwhile cause, please bring them to us at 12 The Villas, Church Road, Kibworth, LE8 0NB. If we’re out please leave them in the porch.

If you’d like to make a cash donation, these can be made to our online account


Liz Mathers & Katy Davies

Issue 399
February 2018

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