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Erinís Australian Adventure

Last year I had the incredible opportunity, as part of Girlguiding, to go on a service project trip to Australia. Many of you in the village attended my fundraising events and/or gave donations towards my trip, and I am appreciative of everybody who attended or donated. I have written a brief overview of what happened on my trip:


We visited eight different places and met so many new people. I saw the New Year fireworks next to the Sydney Opera House, as I had earlier helped at the Lord Mayorís picnic for disabled and disadvantaged children.


We travelled up the East Coast visiting Surfers Paradise, Byron Bay and Brisbane (where I held this Koala!) In Brisbane we also saw a lot of beautiful scenery and waterfalls, and I even learned how to throw a boomerang! It was a short flight from Brisbane to Cairns, where I had the incredible opportunity to go swimming in the Great Barrier Reef.


From Cairns we flew to Ayres Rock where we did a sunrise camel tour which was breathtaking. We also learnt how to paint like an Aborigine and took home our own Aboriginal art.


From Ayres Rock we took the journey home, on the way stopping off in Singapore for three days. In Singapore we visited the flower dome which was a beautiful array of flowers all over a hotel. After this, we made a short stop in Dubai before heading back to Birmingham.


I just want to say a huge thank you again for the donations or your input towards this trip. Without all the support I received from the village, I would have never been able to gain the lifelong experiences Iíve had.



Erin Macdonald

Issue 399
February 2018

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