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Spencer Farrell

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Spencer Farrell, the very popular character and landlord of the Staff of Life in Mowsley.


Spencer passed away suddenly on 21 December at home, at the age of 44. Spencer, an only son to Barbara and Tim Farrell, had been landlord at the Staff since 2003, and over these years created a very successful business, supported by his wife Linda. Spencer was a natural in this role and became a good friend to many who frequented the pub over the years, be it customer or suppliers. He was well known in the area and put the Staff of Life, regularly referred to as “Leicestershire’s best kept secret”, on the map.


Spencer was a family man, recently married in the spring to Linda. They both enjoyed a happy life which centred around their business and their son Callum, who recently turned nine. Spencer was a keen golfer and had built up a large circle of friends from his days spent at the Glen Gorse Golf club, where he was fortunate to be a distinguished member of the “Hole in One club”.

The family would like to acknowledge and thank everyone for their support during this very difficult time. Special thanks to the family circle and close friends for the time given up and support given. Also to the staff and suppliers of the Staff Of Life, who have also been very supportive and understanding at this sad time. Thank you to J.Stamp & Sons for the funeral arrangements and to Father Owen O Neill for a heartfelt ceremony.


Linda will be working hard with her team to carry on Spener’s legacy and continue to keep the Staff of Life firmly on the map. She would like to welcome your ongoing custom and support for now and the months to come. Spencer will be remembered for his quirky personality and cheeky smile, he will be dearly missed and forever in the thoughts and hearts of the many lives he has touched in his short lifetime.



Issue 399
February 2018

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