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Urgent Help Needed

We are really proud of our Scout Group, one of the most successful Beaver Scout groups in Harborough district, where over 100 young people in Kibworth have the opportunity to experience many new activities, mature as individuals and most importantly to have lots of fun!


The 1st Kibworth Scout Group currently has 2 Beaver Colonies, 1 Cub Scout Group and 1 Scout Troop catering for young people from 6-14 years. At the moment the Beaver colonies have about 20-22 boys in each (Wednesday and Thursday night 6-7pm). Each colony has 2 uniformed leaders, 1-2 parent helpers and we also have Explorer Scouts (aged 16-18) to help.


Whilst many of you do assist as parent helpers we need more of you to be involved. Looking forward after the summer and in to next year we will need more Ďformalí leaders if we are to continue to run two Beaver colonies - there is also a huge waiting list of young people wanting to join our Group that without additional leaders we will not be able to offer the Scouting experience.


The second Beaver colony opened because some of us wanted our children to have this experience and the only way for them to be able to do it was for people to step in and become Scout/Beaver leaders (for most of us this was a brand new venture).



And that is how the whole Scouting organisation operates. People volunteer and kids have a great time. We really enjoy running the colonies, planning our exciting programme (incl. termly pub social for the adults), letting the children experience new things and making new friends. We have indoor and outdoor activities, camping, bell boating, cycling, climbing, sleepovers at the Space Centre, and much more. Children come out of their shells, learn new skills, spend their first night away from home and loved it.


We urgently need help. All the team has busy lives, work full time and have kids of our own and it is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain the programme and be there every week or to cover for a leader who canít make it. We need adults to commit to running Beavers as Leaders so as to spread the load. Running the sessions 2 times or 3 times a month is certainly more manageable than doing it week in and week out. With more people involved, we could share the load and the Colonies will be able continue. Without help, we will fold.



We are asking for you to seriously consider becoming a Leader (training and interview takes up 2-3 hours of your life and then you are done and equipped with those flashy shirts and neckers). No previous experience is needed and you would get our full support in settling in. Our colonyís programme runs on 2 year basis and it is pretty much sorted; you would be asked to plan/organise a maximum of 2-3 sessions in the whole year (most of it is in place anyway). Our online admin and database system is easy to use, and shared.


You will get to know the children and parents in your childís cohort, if you have younger siblings to those of Beaver age, they will be able to take up this experience also. By committing to being a Leader it will guarantee your son/daughter or younger sibling a place in Beavers. You donít have to commit to everything and certainly not forever. We are hoping to enthuse parents who can see this as an opportunity to contribute their bit to the community they live in for a year, two, three and then who knows? People often stay, or move on to Cubs with their children.



If we cannot adequately staff the groups, we are looking at reducing numbers dramatically, not taking any more children from this moment on or closing one of the colonies completely - this would be a real shame and be difficult to expand again. Our secret is that we work as a team, you might plan a session but you will never actually have to run it on your own because we have to have two leaders present to run.


If you are interested, please speak to any of our leaders to find out more, or contact Irena, on 07740 173976 or Gordon 07990 525457. Please consider seriously whether you, a partner or a friends could help the exciting Adventure that is Scouting!




Irena, Chrissy, Josie and Gordon

Issue 399
February 2018

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