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Kilby Parish Council

An extract from the minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 9 January.


2018/19 Budget - Final draft budget, noted increase of 5% compared to 2017/18 due to the new housing and parish grants no longer available, an increase in grass cutting and grounds maintenance, the first for a number of years. The Council agreed to reduce the discretionary grant to Kilby Church. Tenders for the grounds maintenance would be sourced. The Council would therefore be looking at a revised increase of around 3%.


Update on Playground Project - Due to the weather conditions no further work had been carried out on the playground. Final consignments of materials have, however, been delivered in preparation for the improvement in the weather


Land at Broadway Farm, Spinney Road, Kilby - Proposal by Leicestershire County Council to build 8 houses and a school car park at the rear of no. 2 - 8 Main Street, Kilby. An extension of the consultation date has been agreed prior to this meeting. The application will be considered on 1 February or 1 March. Members of the public must register their concerns.


Proposed diversion of public footpath Z33 (Part) and extinguishment (Part) of footpath C39, Kilby - It was noted that there would be no objection, subject to the stile access at point G on Wistow Road being improved, as it is currently difficult to use and potentially unsafe.


Local Plan Delivery Consultation - The meeting was updated with the alterations, namely Limes Farm and school playing field, now within the village boundary.


Next meeting - Tuesday 6 March 7.30pm at United Reform Church, Kilby.



Mandy Sanders

Issue 399
February 2018

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