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Dear Editor


Leicester Shire Strategic Growth Plan

I live in Kibworth Beauchamp and wondered if the Chronicle was aware of the draft Strategic Growth Plan for Leicester and Leicestershire 2050, a Vision for Growth now out for public consultation, (A copy of a leaflet is available on the Kibworth Chronicle website.)


I note there is no proposal for a Kibworth by-pass but there is the Leicester East By-Pass called the A46 Expressway. As you can see from the plan extract from the document (below) the Expressway is set to run from a new Junction 20A on the M1 south of Cosby, eastwards to the south of Countesthorpe then turning past Kilby and Wistow runs north between Great Glen and Oadby and onto the gap between Houghton on the Hill and Thurnby and out to Syston to meet the A46.

 I base this location of the route on my interpretation of the diagrammatic plan in the document.

This Expressway is part of the Midlands Connect Strategy prepared by the government and regional councils which states “a new road extending from a new or improved junction on the M69, and continuing to the south and east of Leicester, with a new junction on the M1 (J20a). The new road would rejoin the existing A46 near Syston.


The Expressway is then set to be the catalyst for to quote, “a primary growth area” between it and the city of Leicester. The plan states, “this area creates the opportunity for major development along a corridor extending from the M69 to the north-eastern fringes of Leicester and “this corridor has the potential to accommodate about 40,000 new homes and additional new jobs. I am intrigued that they can quote numbers of houses but not numbers of jobs!


The corridor of development’ which will follow the Expressway and is bound to affect the villages to the east in the district as well as fill in the land between it and Leicester, but also traffic generation as those to the east drive to the Expressway on the A46 and A47 to by pass Leicester to travel north to the A46 or south and west to the M1. Finally the disruption on the A46/A47 and rural roads during the build of the Expressway which has to be in the order of three years?


The intent is to build the Expressway by the 2030s.

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 Issue 399
February 2018

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