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Kibworth has suffered a rise in antisocial behaviour over the past couple of months which has consisted of youths gathering in areas of the village, throwing items at houses and passing vehicles, daubing graffiti on the old medical centre and making a general nuisance of themselves. These incidents have been reported to us in various ways such as social media, calling 101 and talking to local officers. Luckily it is only a small number of individuals who are causing these issues and we have been working hard to identify them. 


The policing team have been in regular contact with The Kibworth School who have been excellent in working with us, allowing us to speak to the pupils and look to educate them about identifying suspects and offenders.


We have also been working with the local authority to ensure the integrated approach to managing antisocial behaviour is being adhered to. This will assist us to seek banning orders if required if the behaviour continues and escalates.


A number of the suspects have been visited and any further behaviour that they can be identified for will be dealt with.


I am also keen to look to work with the local councillors to develop a joint action group. This would look to bring interested parties such as parish councils, the schools and possibly licenced and retail outlets into a working group to establish long term working strategies and management of issues. The idea has been suggested to both parish councils and I am waiting to hear back to identify if there is any appetite for this. I am also happy to hold a public engagement meeting or a have your say event if there is the demand for it.


Please communicate with your local councillors if you feel this will be of benefit or email me on


Issue 399
February 2018



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