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Moving Forward with Kibworth Skatepark


At its meeting on 12 December, the Joint Recreation Committee resolved to pursue the replacement of the skatepark. This meeting included open discussion, specifically about a new location, with members of the public who attended.


The present location presents several challenges including limited access for construction and emergency vehicles. An alternative site near the School Road bridge has been proposed by the Committee. This area has potential for a wider project to protect and enhance the biodiversity, and in time could include other amenities such as a community orchard and sensory garden. The tarmac pedestrian path will be a busy route connecting new housing developments to the village centre, and will be lit at night. There is easy access for emergency and maintenance vehicles from School Road. The project also accords with the policies and proposed community actions of the Kibworth Village’s Neighbourhood Plan.


The cost of this project will depend on the size, layout and design, and the extent of peripherals such as floodlighting, security cameras, furniture, fencing and shelters. The nearest and most recent comparable project is the skatepark in Desborough which cost about £150,000.


External funding is needed because the Joint Recreation Committee and the Kibworth Parish Councils cannot fund capital projects of this scale. A request has been made that developer contributions originally allocated to on-site play facilities on the Kibworth Pastures and Kibworth Gardens developments, be transferred to this project. These monies can only be spent ‘to provide or enhance recreation and play facilities’ locally. These two contributions would provide £125,000 and enable our project to go ahead.


We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to get this right and devise a near-to-perfect skatepark, sustainable and capable of being upgraded in the future. There are as many designs as there are skateboarders so we need to bring together as many ideas as possible to use the space creatively.


The Kibworth Joint Recreation Committee welcomes the views and contributions of every Kibworth resident, of all ages. Please email the Clerk to the Committee with ideas, proposals or queries at


Issue 399
February 2018

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