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Graham Deacon 1931 - 2018

Graham Deacon was born in Fleckney in 1931. His parents ran the busy Fleckney Working Menís Club. After meeting Doreen Holyoak in the late 50s, they married in 1959 and settled in their first and only home in Rosebery Avenue, Kibworth, bringing up their two children, Christine and Richard.


Graham predominantly worked for local employers, Slaters, initially as a paint sprayer, eventually becoming foreman. He retired at 60 having suffered a stroke.


Amongst his many talents, Graham will be remembered for his lifelong passion for growing prize winning dahlias. Each year friends and neighbours were in awe at the incredible floral display in his much loved garden.


He was always a smart and kind man with a warm word for everyone. A generous man with a wry, dry sense of humour and ultimately, a proud family man.


Sadly, he passed away on 16 January. Condolence letters referred to Ďa lovely man and a true Gentlemaní, which he certainly was. He will be greatly missed by family, friends and acquaintances alike.    




Editorís Note Grahamís beautiful dahlias which always made an impression. were featured on the front page of one our colour editions back in September 2009.


Issue 400
March 2018

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