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Dear Editor


Planning Application 17/01510/REM

Now the go ahead to build yet another 110 more houses on land off Warwick Road has been granted by HDC at last week’s planning committee meeting to the applicants named (Miller Homes Ltd, David Briggs and John Briggs) isn’t this now a good time, by way of philanthropy, for the said applicants to consider funding the repair or partial renovation of Kibworth’s very own Grade II emblem?


Admittedly, many people may not have seen Kibworth’s Post Mill (Windmill) which is just off the Langton Road as it is hidden, nowadays, by large conifers on land that is farmed by said applicants. The windmill, which is the only one of its type in Leicestershire, is sadly in need of considerable funds spending on it. A special local fund administered by the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) who own the building would welcome such a contribution with open arms. ‘Kibworth Windmill Repair Fund’ could be created to deposit such vital funds for the complete refurbishment of this unique landmark which also appears on the Kibworth CE Primary School ’s logo.


Such philanthropy would help to counter any criticism of the planning application.


Name and address withheld

 Issue 400
March 2018

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