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Kibworth Art Loversí Society


Paul Maslowski and his wife Claire Seaton are members of the Chinese Brush Painters Society, where they met. They own the Double Happiness Studio in Market Harborough. Paul had no formal art training before he became fascinated by Oriental art and was determined to practise it himself. Chinese art has been evolving for at least 8,000 years. It survived the Cultural Revolution largely due to the devoted artists who crossed to Taiwan with much of their work and kept the tradition going. Paulís mentor was an 88-year-old Taiwanese artist who made him practise calligraphy with a brush for eighteen months before allowing him to paint pictures, for the brush strokes of calligraphy are the core of Chinese painting.

Paul began Chinese Brush Painting in 1996 and has taught it since 2002. He has exhibited his work in China, Japan and many other countries. He began his demonstration by painting the character for ĎCentreí, which is what China considers itself to be. This was embellished by his Chinese signature and his seal in red cinnabar paste denoting ownership. He told us about Chinese philosophy and culture, the four gentlemen - plum, orchid, chrysanthemum and bamboo - the favourite subjects of Chinese artists. He demonstrated painting bamboo, orchid, a rooster and a carp, commenting on the 10,000 tones an artist tries to achieve with a brush and black ink.


Although Paul spoke for two hours, his enraptured audience clearly wanted more.


Peter Clayton, a member of the Leicester Society of Artists, will show and talk about his beautiful mixed media work with collage and print at our meeting on 27 March. Pat Porteousís paintings will be exhibited in the Harborough Building Society throughout March.



Roger Whiteway 

Issue 400
March 2018

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