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This half term, Year One have been very excited because it was their turn to perform a family assembly! Parents and families were invited in and all sat down eagerly to see our performance only to be surprised with a Mothers Day assembly! The children dazzled everyone with their messages to the ladies in their lives, beautiful singing and energetic dancing.


To finish, mums in the audience received a bouquet of daffodils and left with a smile. We would like to say thank you to all who came and of course to the children who worked so hard on their performance and tried very hard to keep the surprise a secret!


Sports News

On Tuesday we entered the Primary Gymnastics competition at Aylestone Leisure Centre. All children performed very well. One of our children was chosen as the best vaulter. Big well done!


Party Animals

Year 3 had a visit from Party Animals Ltd recently to start off their topic on Predators. This company gives students the opportunity to hold and experience lots of very unusual animals!





Issue 400
March 2018


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