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It is some years since the Rotary Club ran a young writer and photography competition, so last Autumn we decided to promote a competition in three issues of the Kibworth Chronicle. We produced posters and flyers and also informed the local schools. Sadly, the number of entries was very disappointing considering there was a cash prize at stake!


However, well done to the winners who will shortly receive their prizes. Thank you to those who entered, but please read the conditions of the competition as one or two went to the trouble of entering but didnít meet the criteria.


We will be running the competition again next year, so look out for it in the Chronicle and, who knows, you too may win some cash!


The winners are:

Young writer 11-16

1st - Emily Haycock wins £30.

2nd - Giles Carey wins £15.

Young writer 8-11 No entries.

Young Photographer 11-16

1st - Felix Singleton wins £30 (Title ĎSnowy Sunrise')

2nd - Emily Haycock wins £15 (Title 'A Cold Suní).

Young Photographer 8-11 No entries met the criteria.



Graham Thompson

Issue 400
March 2018


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