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Kibworth fully connected to fibre broadband


The whole ward of Kibworth can now access superfast fibre broadband thanks to Leicestershire County Councilís multi-million pound project, Superfast Leicestershire, which is being delivered in partnership with BT.


The project started in July 2014 and has since delivered fibre broadband connections to almost 67,000 homes and businesses across the city and county, including more than 2,700 in the Kibworth area.


More eagle eyed residents may have spotted the latest Kibworth broadband cabinet to go live on the corner of Leicester Road and Hall Close. The newest addition, which was connected during Easter, is the ninth broadband cabinet installed in Kibworth. This means all Kibworth residents can now buy a fibre broadband service.


To celebrate this cabinet being the one to complete Kibworth, we selected it as one of our Easter cabinets to take part in our social media Easter campaign. A pink Easter egg sticker took pride of place on the newly added green roadside cabinet.


The first fibre broadband cabinet in Kibworth, at the top of Brookfield Way, was connected on 10 August 2014. Since then thousands of homes and businesses across the area have been connected to allow them to access a fibre broadband service. Upgrades do not happen automatically, you will need to talk to your service provider about upgrading your current service or alternatively, use comparison sites to find a package to best suit your needs.


A superfast fibre broadband connection can make a world of difference to your personal and professional life: from being able to work remotely from home, downloading your favourite shows and movies in a matter of minutes, upgrading your home with smart technology, or just being able to use multiple devices at once.


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Issue 401
April 2018

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