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Kibworth Art Lovers’ Society


We were fortunate to have the eminent artist Peter Clayton talk to us about his mixed media art which includes collage and print. His talk was illustrated by a well-chosen array of powerpoint images.


Peter talked about the period from when he joined the Leicester Print Workshop in 2007 until now. The Workshop, which the Art Lovers have visited, offers artists all the available techniques of printing and photography to choose from.


Giotto, Paul Klee, John Piper and Ben Nicholson are among the artists who influence Peters work. He also draws inspiration from countless photographs which he takes as he walks around the city and countryside collecting images of churches, doorways, windows, geometrical shapes and pairs of objects. There is little that fails to stimulate his fertile imagination and the wonderful landscapes he showed us, made from seemingly ordinary images, delighted us.


Peter teaches three days a week, has held many residencies and works in a studio in the Print Workshop. He has exhibited with the Cank Street Gallery and the Leicester Society of Artists among many venues and, in the first two weeks in June, at Archangel Studio in Staunton Harold.


The next meeting of KALS will consist of an appraisal of members work by Diane Hall on 24 April.


Jenny Riseboroughs work may be seen in the Kibworth branch of Harborough Building Society during March. 


Issue 401
April 2018

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