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No 44 - Use it or lose it!


What links Fleckney to Foxton whilst visiting Saddington, Smeeton Westerby, both Kibworths, Tur Langton, Church Langton, East Langton, Thorpe Langton, Great Bowden, Market Harborough (Railway Station and St Lukes Hospital)? Yes you’ve guessed it - our Community bus service - route No 44 serving Market Harborough and these eleven villages.

N.B. It seems strange that the route is not circular, so after arriving in Foxton it then journeys back to Fleckney via Gumley, Laughton, Mowsley and Saddington. What do you think?




 Because it doesn’t have enough customers to be profitable the County Council, your County Council, pays a subsidy to the Centrebus Company to keep it running as one of the ‘desirable rural bus services’.


Following their cost cutting exercise these services are under review by the County Council and as a result the Route 44 is under threat. The numbers may be low but in view of its route you could regard it as a lifeline for the elderly and those without cars. At a recent parish council meeting it was announced that the subsidy amounted as much as £17 per passenger per journey for one rural bus in Leicestershire.


As we know, a number of the smaller villages mentioned above have no doctor, no dentist and no chemist or convenience store. If you can, use it or lose it seems to be the motto. If you are retired, why not treat the bus service occasionally as something you might do on holiday and take the slow route to MH?


Issue 401
April 2018

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