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From Kibworth to Illston and back


When will this cold, wet weather desist? A ramblerís ability to walk at a reasonable and easy pace has been challenged by the passing of horse riders on the bridle paths and by young cattle newly released onto the lush pastures. Both are part of the joys of the countryside but with the ground so soft at the moment, they create deeply rutted and muddy walk routes.


Our walk from Kibworth to The Fox and Goose at Illston on the Hill, led by Malcolm and Sue Scranage, was on a dull, misty day. 26 other ramblers we left the A6 lay-by and walked across the fields from the New Road junction towards Tur Langton.


Half way up Main Street we took a footpath to the left, causing a team of landscape gardeners to take a break from their toils as we squeezed past their vehicles, and trudged across fields to Mere Road and into Shangton for a coffee break in the grounds of their petite and attractive church. After browsing the ancient gravestones or admiring the purple and white violets braving the weather and reminding us that this is spring, we carried on through the village, turned left onto Main Street and then took a right-hand footpath over several fields (joined for a time by two excited and happy cocker spaniels) to reach our lunch destination after a morning walk of 6.5 miles.


Well fed and watered, we all removed our boot covers, donned outdoor coats and took to the road again. We passed once more through fields of noisy ewes calling their cute lambs, some flocks running from us and others running towards us. The afternoon took us via Burton Overy and eventually to the Carlton Road and back into Kibworth Harcourt, where we detoured via Main Street back to our cars, after a total walk of 12 miles. While we all thoroughly enjoyed the walk, we are also looking forward to summer!


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Issue 401
April 2018

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