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Is Kibworth under siege?


It certainly feels like it! Over recent years, while cries for a new Kibworth by-pass seem to fall on deaf ears, hundreds of new houses have been built - and are being built - around and inside our beautiful village.


The Kibworths’ councillors, with the support of its Volunteer residents (supported by the Kibworth parish councils), worked patiently, tirelessly and diligently to put together the Kibworth Neighbourhood Plan (The Plan), while landowners, developers and opportunists scrabbled to push through development plans before it became law.


Residents have tried hard to resist each of these developments but the skilled experts in the complexities of the planning process seem to always have the upper hand and win the day.


Now we hear that Manor Oak Homes, co-founded by one of its directors, local landowner and farmer, John Briggs, plan to table an outline planning application to build a further 400+ homes off Warwick Road.


According to their website, John and his brother David, have already sold 45 acres of their land, with income boosted by the added value of planning permissions agreed - while they continue to farm (for now?) a further 650 acres.


The proposed site is 100% outside the limits of development set out in the Kibworths’ Neighbourhood Plan. But let’s not be complacent, these are clever people.


In the light of recent major planning applications Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council will explore the cost of hiring a planning consultant to advise them on their compliance with the Kibworth Villages Neighbourhood Plan. Let’s hope that The Plan proves its worth and succeeds in getting these proposals firmly rejected.


Issue 401
April 2018

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