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Kibworth Art Lovers’ Society


Diane Hall is an experienced artist who works at the Attenborough Centre in Leicester and teaches art criticism and life drawing. She is also on the board of trustees of Leicester Museum and Art Gallery. We were fortunate to have her come to KALS to assess our members’ work.


She began by praising Corral Sutherland’s two water colour portraits of her granddaughter, painted some 12 years apart, showing the likeness between the two and the developing maturity of the sitter. Nan Whiteway showed two garden pictures in oil, with atmosphere and a good sense of distance, David Simons brought us a semi-abstract street scene in soft pastel and a cheerful view of the harbour in St Ives, Peter Carter’s painting of the Manor House in the High Street, in the process of reconstruction, created a lot of interest and Beverley Moffat’s portraits of glamorous models showed great promise. Roger Whiteway’s still life with lobster stimulated discussion, Janet Alderson-Smith’s realistic hare in acrylic ink, and study of a wheelbarrow, were much admired and Shirley Hardy brought us a well-studied water colour of the Embankment in the snow and a charming picture of a couple of sea horses.


The members enjoyed the chance to see each other’s work and Diane Hall’s comments were fair and pertinent.


The next meeting will take place at 7.30 on 22 May in the church hall, with a rare opportunity to see Michael Warr demonstrating the art of painting in the medium of egg tempera.



Roger Whiteway

Issue 402

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