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Burton Overy WI


Burton Overy WI celebrated their 100th anniversary on 24 April (actual birthday was 25 April, 1918). Members met in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. A short business meeting was held.


President Margaret Pollard then read from the very first minutes that 50 women met in the Schoolroom, with Mrs Freer presiding. Margaret also read from an item written by a Barrowden WI member in the 1920s titled ‘What the Institute means’ - exactly the same as today: Friends far and wide, fresh interests, matters of concern affecting the country as a whole, learning new crafts and skills. Every member can give as well as get and each must help the other.


The President thanked all those members who had helped to set up the Hall for our celebration and secretary Pauline Wells thanked Margaret for her input.


Pauline introduced our speaker Richard Adams whose talk and slide show was called ‘Memories are made of this'. Richard introduced his entertainment by reminding us that as we get older, memories are harder to recall, but sight, smell, photos, touch, music and taste can all help. The white horses of the Camargue, the starling ballet over Rutland, Geoff Hamilton’s wild flower meadow and simply swans and cygnets and more, were all set to wonderful music. Richard was thanked for the wonderful way of helping to show us how memories are made.


Members then enjoyed a wonderful cake made by member Jane Chandler, decorated with sunflowers (WI colours) with a glass of Prosecco to make a toast to another 100 years.


All members received a framed photograph of members in December 2017 with our longest serving member Jean Brown who sadly passed away in January.


P Wells

Issue 402

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