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Sponsored Run for Leicesterís Laura Centre


When we saw the Laura Centre Colour Dash run and the charity that it supported, we knew it was just meant to be. The Laura Centre offers counselling and support to children like Eloise and Jack. This helps them to deal with a traumatic and devasting event in their lives such as losing their lovely Daddy, Mickey Buzzard. They also support parents who have lost children.


We have since read that children as young as Jack think that death is reversible and he did. He heard someone say we had Ďlostí his daddy and he thought it was only a matter of time before he found his way home.


Eloise, on the other hand, remembered straight away how final it was, as she remembered two years previously when the family suffered another tragic loss of her cousin Abi aged just 22, whose death was caused by a blood clot.


Some children in this situation close down and associate it with such sadness and grief. They donít always talk about things that are bothering them for fear of upsetting their remaining parent, grandparents or close family. Consequently they just bottle things up. It is so important for them to have someone to talk to and the Laura Centre can provide this.


To this end Eloise and Jack, now aged 8 and 6, their young cousins Harry Irvine aged 4 and Liam Edwards (Abiís nephew) aged 6, took part in the Colour Dash Run on 29 April at Victoria Park, Leicester, in memory of their Daddy and Abi.


Between them they raised an amazing £872 and we think they deserve a mention and a massive ĎWell Doneí. We are so proud of them.



Ruth & Les Buzzard, Grandparents

Issue 402
May 2018

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