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400th Anniversary Celebrated - from 1618 to 2.6.18!


Saturday 2 June was the 65th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. A less grandiose, but locally, important celebration took place on that day at St. Wilfrids Church, Kibworth Beauchamp. It was the 400th anniversary of the oldest bell to be hung in the church tower. This bell with the other seven bells is still being rung in 2018. The event was marked by a quarter peal (about 40 minutes continuous ringing), of a method called Reverse Canterbury. All methods have names, the bells change positions in relation to each other -each bell having a number from the lightest to the heaviest.  Success is achieved by the ringers who, hopefully, know the method, by means of the ropes that they control and use to make the bell sound in the right place-a skill acquired through expert tuition - so make music to carry over the village and across surrounding countryside.


The ringers on Saturday were led by Graham Redman and included his daughter Lydia; Terry Iliffe, his wife Alison and son Dan; Greg Connolly and Ian Hearn both from St Helens ,Saddington and Lewis Smith who was ringing his first quarter peal. Church Bells usually have inscriptions. On this 400 year old bell is written ‘Alba Riychard suus Cossus praefuit Ecclesia magnus familias 1618’?




Issue 403
June 2018

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